Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Hi, my name is Katie, and I'm a writeaholic.

OK, so Google is saying that writeaholic is not a word, but if Shakespeare can coin all these awesome words, I should be able to as well, right?

Basically what I'm trying to say is that I LOVE writing. Always have, ever since I was a little girl, scribbling furiously in my Little Mermaid diary. Back then (in the 80s) there wasn't a cool way to share all of these thoughts with anyone - blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram hadn't been invented yet (shit, you were doing pretty well to have your own computer). Since then I've not only had more amazing & profound thoughts, but I've had SO much happen (more than enough for 5 lifetimes, in my opinion), and I thought perhaps others could benefit from some of my experiences, musings and observations. Besides, as Kafka once said (at some point):

And I don't want to court insanity, nor do I want anybody courting ME with insanity, so here goes. :)

This will be an amalgamation of my experiences, lessons, thoughts, feelings, and probably more, that I've gained, gleaned or garnered throughout my (almost 34) years on this Earth. They will be in no particular order, just as they come to me. I will try to use proper grammar but if I feel something can be said more eloquently with slang or curse words, I will, so if you are faint of heart, BEWARE! I will talk about everything from my favorite things in life, to my struggles with addiction, to my feelings on being adopted, to how I knew I had ADHD (and how odd it was when my mother denied it, even though I exhibited, like, ALL of the signs), to my promiscuity when I was younger, and how it was a result of my father being an occasional piece of of shit. There will likely be run-on sentences, streams of consciousness, and other things that aren't typically used in REAL blogs or essays. But it'll be ME. 

I'm certainly gonna try. ;) Enjoy the ride.

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  1. All of those things are used in real blogs. They are probably less used in blogs that have something to sell. Now ya know. 😆