Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Random Thoughts (After Dark)

So I figured that, since my blog is called "Random Thoughts After Dark," that I should actually share with you some of the random thoughts I do have. Some of these have (literally) occurred after dark (as in, at night), but others are simply.. random. Be prepared - when I say "random," I mean RANDOM... you'll see...

1. (While watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, season 6, episode 1) Are those demon bikers or biker demons? In theory the adjective describes the noun. So if they are demon bikers, they are bikers that are also demons, but if they are biker demons they are demons that are bikers. So which is right? (I actually asked my fiancé this and he looked at me like I was crazy.)

2. (When my pit bull, Penelope, looks out into the woods across from our complex, or out into the night from our condo) Does she see dead people? Wait, this town isn't old enough for there to be dead people (it was a big farming town for a long time)... Does she see dead cows? Can you imagine cow ghosts (or, going back to #1, would they be ghost cows)? They'd be all, "moooo-oooo-oooo..."

Penelope checking for ghosts

3. (Speaking of Penelope, she does this thing when we come back inside from taking her to "do her business" where she runs from one end of our condo to the other.) What the hell is she doing? A perimeter check? Looking for those ghost cows? Getting out excess energy? Terrorizing our cat, Grayson, for no reason? Or is it something else entirely?

4. There is this one dog in our complex that Penelope HATES with a burning passion, an Australian cattle dog. WHY? We have a lot of other dogs that live around us and, for the most part, when Penelope gets riled up when she sees one, I think it's just because she's either curious or wants to play. But when this Cattle dog is anywhere in her line of vision, she goes into defensive mode immediately: fur standing straight up, alpha dog posture, ears perked - the whole nine yards. It seems to be all herding dogs, too - she acts the same way when we come across a Collie or sheepdog. Makes me wonder if they were like lovers in a previous life, and he screwed her over. I don't know what her problem is, but I have come to the conclusion that she is a dogist (a dog racist).

5. This goes for both of my pets - when they sleep, what do they dream about? Penelope is ALWAYS barking and moving around in her sleep, and Grayson does it occasionally as well (he'll be in my lap and I'll feel his paws moving). I guess maybe Penelope might think she's chasing cats or squirrels (or fighting with that damn cattle dog), but Grayson is an indoor cat, and the only thing he ever sees are the birds outside on our bird feeder. Is he dreaming of chasing those damn birds, or is he chasing Penelope, or what? And speaking of the birds...

6. I don't know if anybody else's cat does this, but when there are birds on our balcony or bird feeder, Grayson will sit and "chirp" at them (that's really the only way I know how to word it) and I have to wonder, WHAT THE HELL IS HE DOING? Does he think he's talking to them? Or is he trying to imitate them, hoping they're REALLY stupid and will mistake him for a weird, furry bird?

7. Sometimes I wonder if the reason I end up getting so much work put on me is because I'm a woman. I hate to say that, but my company is run by men, and I swear most of the other guys in this company (who get paid WAY more than me, mind you) don't do half the amount of work that I do. Sure, when they do work they might have big projects or tasks, but if you break down my average daily workload, and then theirs, there's just no comparison. Also I can't help but feel like it's partly because I look younger than I am. I'm about to turn 34 next month, but you probably wouldn't know it by looking at me (not bragging, just something I've been told OVER and OVER - almost to the point where it gets annoying). Getting back to the original point though, it just gets really annoying when I'm busting my ass and I go into one of my co-workers' (or boss', for that matter) offices to ask a question, and (s)he's sitting in there doing NOTHING. (That turned into a bit of a rant, sorry!)

8. WHY AM I SO SORE WHEN I WAKE UP IN THE MORNINGS??? It doesn't matter if I sleep 3 hours or 8, every single freaking morning, I feel like I've been repeatedly run over by an 18-wheeler. This didn't use to happen! It only started within the past few years (since I turned 30 to be precise), and I hate it. It happens to my fiancé as well... we've been trying to find the perfect mattress/topper combo for over a year now and it's been so stressful. Anybody else have these problems? Also, along the same lines,...

9. WHY AM I SO FREAKING TIRED AFTER WORK??? I have had MANY jobs over the years - waiting tables at both fine dining and casual restaurants, working in every type of office imaginable (law firms, real estate, accounting offices) and done warehouse work as well, and I've NEVER been as exhausted as I am after working my current job. I don't know if it's the stress, amount of different tasks I do on a daily basis, or my increasing age (God forbid), but I get home and I'm just DEAD. I just sit on the couch (or on the bed) and zone out in front of the TV. I have to assume it's because my brain is constantly going a million miles a minute, and when they say that mental work is more draining than physical work, they're not wrong!!!

10. (When someone says something to me that I WISH I had the perfect comeback for.) Err,.. Umm... GODDAMMIT I know that I will think of the coolest thing to say at like 11:30 tonight bur right now my mind is blank. I am forever coming up with witty responses to shit people say to me hours too late. I know I'm not the only one (as a matter of fact, I just read an article written by some dude specifically about this phenomenon), but it's so frustrating, especially when someone who has NO IDEA WHAT THEY'RE TALKING ABOUT pulls some crap out of their ass, and I know what I want to say but not the right way to say it.

11. Wanted to end on a high note so - why and how are the sunrises and sunsets SO AMAZING here? I used to live by the beach, where you would think had the most gorgeous sunrises at least, but, nope - I've found the most perfect ones here in Mooresville. Here are just a few examples I've captured over the last year (top two are sunrises - bottom two are sunsets) NO FILTERS WERE USED AT ALL IN THE TAKING OF THESE PHOTOS - keep in mind these hardly do justice to the real thing:

Look at those colors!

I've been working on this post for almost 5 days now so I'm just gonna stop and click "publish" or else this list will go on forever. I'm sure I'll have follow-up lists in the future, this is the first of many. If anyone has any similar thoughts or feelings, please share! Hope everyone has a Happy Hump Day!

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  1. Hey, Katie!

    I just discovered your blog and noticed no comments, and as a blogger myself, I had a little sad for you. So, Welcome To Blogging!

    1. I dunno. 2. Probably. 3. Doesn't Grayson do that? All pets I've ever known tear through the house after a good BM. I think it's a happy dance - "I just lost 5lbs.!" 4. Fuck those herding dogs, amirite, P? 😉 5. Yes. 6. My cats chirp at us or each other sometimes. No idea. 7. Yes, but also, they get paid more for doing more mental work (& going to/running mind-numbing meetings) 8. Have you seen a doctor? There are quite a few "invisible" illnesses that relate to fatigue/soreness. Or you might just have to spend a pretty penny for a better mattress. I recommend a Sleep Number bed. I've had mine >20 years. 9. See #s 7 & 8. 10. I feel ya. Hindsight is 20:20 and all that. 11. Purty. I'm never in "take a picture" mode when seeing sun - rises/- sets.

    I'm going to creep up through your blog to present day, now. Keep posting; read me, if you like; I'll be sure to comment more!