Tuesday, May 23, 2017

What's in my purse (right now)

Hello all! 😀

I know it's been a few weeks since I last posted, but things have been CRAZY. 😖 I know everyone says that, but I'm not kidding. I was given about 3,000 new responsibilities at work (in addition to the 12,000 things I already do), as was my fiance, which has resulted in less downtime and, when we do finally get home, we are so freaking beat that we practically fall into a coma the second we sit down. But that's not what I wanted to write about today. I recently realized how heavy my purse is, and it's due to the the truly random collection of stuff I have in there, so I wanted to share what is currently residing in the black hole of my beautiful Betsy Johnson bag (see pic):

(Can you tell how full it is from this pic?!)

(Here is a view from the top.  It might not LOOK  that full, but looks can be deceiving.)

1. My beloved black & white Kenneth Cole reaction wallet (my mom bought it for me for my birthday... 3 years ago, I think), bursting with receipts, business cards, rewards cards (Harris Teeter, Sam's Club, TJ Maxx, Petco), my driver's license & social security card (I know you're not supposed to carry it with you but that's the one place I know I won't lose it, ironically enough), fortune cookie fortunes a gift card... basically everything BUT money. 

2. Two bottles of e-iquid (one of Blueberry Jam Monster and one that Chris made), 3 spare batteries (kept safe in a special plastic box, so they don't blow up) and a spare mod/tank setup. As you may or may not know, I work in the vaping industry (have for 2 1/2 years) and am a big supporter/advocate and vaper myself. I typically mainly use one specific mod/tank and one e-liquid, but it's nice to have options.

3. My black makeup bag containing 2 tampons, a mirror, TONYMOLY So Cool Eye Stick (if you don't know what that is, go to Amazon RIGHT NOW and order it), 2 Revlon eyeliners (black & teal), Blistex chapstick, Curel Hydratherapy hand lotion, nail glue, & red Revlon lip gloss.

4. Two bandannas (one with elephants & one with flowers - these have ENDLESS uses! First of all, they come in VERY handy if/when there is an e-liquid related accident, like if I'm filling my tank and it overflows or leaks. Secondly, it's just nice to have something to wipe my hands on if needed (think a handkerchief of olden days, except I don't blow my nose into it, because that's gross). Also can be used as a makeshift headband if necessary.

5.  A pink floral coozy - I drink one Rockstar per day, and it's always good to have a spare coozy around, just in case.

6. My key chain(s), with the following attached: key to my 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander; house key; office key; key to Chris' grandmother's house (where we lived prior to moving to Mooresville), a tiny key to a tiny pink lock-box, a key chain from Greece (courtesy of my parents' trip to Europe), a wooden turtle, my kitty cat self-defense tool and a pink/white/green chevron band. (This alone weighs close to 3 pounds and probably contributes to the overall heaviness of my purse.)

7. Cherry Kool-aid water enhancer, because plain water is boring.

8. One tin of peppermint Altoids and one (half-empty) pack of Wrigley's 5 gum

9. "All You Need is Love" pill case containing 5 Ibuprofen softgels. I'm sure it's all in my head but I swear the gels work better than the tablets.... anybody else feel me?

10. Two pens, one black & one blue (because I like variety)

11. A handful of hard ginger candies (to help ease my ever-upset stomach)

12. A black hairclip (the color of the clip alternates depending on what I am wearing (as does the bag itself, for that matter), but today I have on a black & white dress and black wedges, so the clip is also black today)

13 Four $5 lottery tickets (and no, I didn't win on any of them - but that doesn't stop me from trying!)

14. Sour Patch gummy strawberries, which are the best invention since the pulley (and yes, I do think they're better than the watermelon ones)

15. Kenneth Cole Black body spray, to keep smelling fresh all day long

There's usually more, including (but not limited to): my coupon book; other candy, bottles of e-liquid, and pens; notebooks; my phone/phone charger(s), sticky notes with various reminders.... the list goes on. Subsequently, even though I only got this purse in December (it was a combination Christmas/"Treat Yo' Self" present), the plastic on the straps is already cracking. I always bring another bag to work with me that holds my laptop, planner, notebook & other miscellany) but my purse always ends up bearing the most weight (especially when I hold stuff for Chris as well).  Probably doesn't help my scoliosis, either... 😕

Hope you enjoyed reading this and that it gave you a little more insight into the chaos that is my life! Would love comments & stories - if you have anything to share, please do!

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  1. As often as I can NOT carry a purse, I do NOT carry a purse. So commentary on your comments may be not terribly helpful. HOWEVER, I shall in fact comment:

    1. my wallet holds a tiny bit of cash, all of the cards that I "need" (driver's license, SAG-AFTRA membership ID, credit card or two, metro transit pass), a lip balm, and a special stone. It has a keychain with membership cards to grocery stores and the library, and all my home keys.
    6. my car key is on a separate keychain, because I don't want the added weight of any other shit on my steering column/ignition
    7. I enhance my water with powdered electrolytes because, yes, plain water is super boring and yucky, but also good for me, so I wanna keep my water good for me, which means electrolytes.
    8. gum and mints travel with me in the console of my car or exist "permanently" in my locker at work... or if needed, travel in my pockets or purse when I DO in fact carry one, so YES on the gum and mints
    9. if I'm carrying ibuprofen then I'm also carrying today's vitamins, in a little red heart-shaped plastic Valentine's Day container. My generic ibuprofen tablets work well enough.
    10. any pen I ever carry is any color but black. Black ink is boring.
    13. the key to winning scratcher tickets is to buy at least 10 consecutive tix. Sucks, I know, but statistically speaking, that's what works.
    15. I am too scent-sitive to use or even be near any user of body sprays, sorry. Sometimes even just a scented hand lotion will choke me. Hopefully, you work in open environments that don't trigger the allergies of people around you.

    And that's all I have to say about the contents of your purse! Still friends, I hope? :)